The Exact Word

The last several years have been spent (among other things) studying related things across a few disciplines, with the desire of becoming a more well-rounded person. Through this, I've learned a few thematic things, and one of them is that improving one's vocabulary rarely gets old. This is generally because you get the joy of realizing that there are specific words dedicated to entire concepts - however abstract - that you may often think about. This word, discovered years ago, is one of them. An otherwise verbose and potentially vague concept, distilled into a few syllables. Beautiful. 

And even better was pairing that thought straight back to a book I thoroughly enjoyed - The Conquest of Happiness (online here) by Bertrand Russell, which manages to be both of its time and occasionally timeless. After writing at length about the importance of cultivating the will in order to achieve our goals in life (for which it is an indispensable component), he then cautioned against relying on it excessively.